Virtual Happy Hour: Must-try Activities For Online Get-togethers

Just because there is a mandate to stay at home and always keep a safe distance from another doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate or have some fun. Since the start of the global pandemic, most of us created ways to stay in touch with our family and friends. Using different types of online group meeting platforms, we can make sure that we don’t miss out on checking up on loved ones. Online celebrations have become an essential part of our “new normal” lifestyle.

Activities For Your Virtual Happy Hour

With the frequency of having online gatherings here and there, often, it becomes routinary and boring. But not to worry, if you want to take your virtual gatherings to another level, here are some fun and creative activities you can try.

Drinking Game

We can’t go out with friends for rounds of beers or happy hours loaded with sweating pitchers of margaritas right now. But with the help of technology, drinking games can be enjoyed virtually. You can opt to use Fanxyware products and enjoy these cocktails in the most convenient and hassle-free way in your home’s comfort.


Karaoke Contest

A Virtual karaoke party while on quarantine? Karaoke? YES! Why not? Watching your loved ones and friends stumble around singing while video conferencing is a sure-fire way to melt the stress away!

Fern And Maple

Netflix Party

This is the newest digital wonder that will surely turn into one of your fave happy hour activities. Download Netflix Party as a browser extension and let the Netflix user host your virtual movie night by inviting friends, family, or anyone you want to watch a TV show or movie with.

Best Life Online

Online Creative Class

In times that you’ve been staying at home more, it may start to feel like your creative juices have run dry. From calligraphy, painting to creative writing, online creative classes offer an ideal space to alleviate boredom while learning a new skill. Plus, it is more fun to do it with your loved ones and friends.

Life I Design

Unwrapping of Gifts

It is always a joy to receive gifts. But you can try this activity and make it more exciting while doing it with family members and friends online. You can assign a person that will buy simple treats for everyone and then unwrap it to enjoy your gifts together virtually.

Scale It Simple

Virtual Gaming

No one is ever too old for games. Get competitive with some virtual gaming. 

From word games and ice-breaker trivia that require little to no equipment, to games that you can play on apps and websites, there are many varieties to choose from.

Peachy Party Games

Dance Party

Since everything from school to work is now virtual. Why don’t we add one more to the list: Dance Parties! While it is true that most clubs are closed, you can still get down and dirty in your living room together with your friends doing the same while online. Dancing is therapeutic. It’s an excellent exercise for your body and mind, especially during the lockdown.

Greeble Haus

Virtual Book Club

People who love books will definitely have a blast by creating a virtual book club. Pick a book that you and your friends or family will all read, and set a date on when you will discuss the story over a video call.

Country Living

Digital Travel Tour

Touring nowadays may seem impossible, but doing it virtually is doable. There are tons of ways to virtually explore landmarks around the world without leaving home, which you can also share with your family and friends. Invite family and friends for an online gathering and share your screen so you and the whole crew can virtually tour together.

Em Around The World

Online Exercise Buddies

For friends who want to stay fit during the lockdown, you can create your very own online exercise group. Create a schedule for your group exercise session and using FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, or any preferred app, connect and then press "play" on the same exercise video.

But First Joy

Everyone looks forward to the happy hour. After a long day of work, it's the best time to unwind with cocktails. But currently, things are different. Amid strict calls for social distancing, the usual meetups with family and friends are not the safest thing to do. Nonetheless, that doesn't mean you need to cancel your happy hour. In fact, connecting with loved ones might be more necessary now than ever before. Meanwhile, if you and your crew are looking for more party decoration and theme ideas, head on to Fancy Party Planning Facebook Group where event planning is made fun, exciting, and easy!


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