Top 10 Black and Gold Party Decorations

Make your party pop with elegant black and gold decorations. When you mix and match eye-popping napkins, cups, utensils, and table cloths, there’s no doubt you’ll have an amazing looking party. Remember, it’s not one thing that makes a great party, it’s the many subtle small things that create the biggest impact and memories people won’t forget.

Check out our recommended products below for ideas to enhance your party.

1. Rose Gold Rimmed Cups

The perfect addition if you want a luxury look. These rose gold-rimmed cups are inexpensive and add a touch of elegance. Great for weddings, birthdays, holiday gatherings, or dinner parties, these cups create a nice ambiance for event guests. Let’s not forget to mention they are non-toxic and durable.

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2. Butterfly Wall Decals

Don’t leave a bare wall when you can use that space to add a decorative piece for your party. Every nook and cranny of your event space should be decorated to match the overall theme. If you have an empty wall, check out this butterfly wall decal. It looks great, doesn’t cost much, and can add the wow factor to your overall theme.

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3. Gold Party Garland

Level-up your party with garlands, banners, and streamers. For gold-themed parties, this moon and star garland is a great addition. It’s well crafted with eye pleasing design. Affordable and easy to set-up, you’ll get to hang them in different places to create the best party ambiance.

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4. Metallic Champagne Bottle Container

How about gifting your guests with a cute party favor that also enhances your party theme? This cute metallic champagne bottle container could be the one you are looking for. It’s designed with purpose and aesthetics in mind. The clear plastic champagne bottle body with a removable base can easily fill up with sweets and other treats. It’s optional, but we recommend adding sticker tags for a nice personal touch your guests would appreciate.

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5. LED Marquee Letter Lights

Looking for bright lights, glitz, and glamour? One of the hottest trends right now are LED marquee letter lights. We could understand why, there’s something unique and special about creating a message and making it pop with bright lights. Your guests will love it and it’s also super easy to set-up.

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6. Gold and Black Balloons

A black and gold party wouldn’t be complete without matching black and gold balloons. From weddings, birthdays to anniversaries and holiday gatherings, balloons are very much part of any occasion. Why wouldn't they be? Different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs make it easy for us party planners to create customized unique events. Balloons may be the simplest party decoration, but they go a long way to enhancing the party look.

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7. Gold Glitter Paint Backdrop

Who doesn’t want to take fun photos? Make it easy for your guests to take photos at your event by creating a decorative photo space. This gold and glittered backdrop will definitely do the trick. If you love this design but would rather use it for something else, this works great as a tablecloth or curtain. 

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8. LED Curtain Lights

If you are aiming to get a more enchanting, romantic, or magical vibe for your black and gold party, you can’t go wrong with LED curtain lights. It spans to 9 feet long with lights dangling in a vertical fashion. To change up the ambiance, you can select from the variety of light mode settings. No matter the occasion, this product will definitely brighten up the party.

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9. Black Matte Coated Glass Wine Bottles

This black matte-coated glass wine bottle is unapologetically elegant. Create your own unique table settings to match the black and gold party theme. This set comes with 3 bottles in various sizes and shapes. After you use it for your party, repurpose it by using it in your home decor.

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10. Black Gold Stripe Cocktail Napkins

Last but not least, are the elegantly designed black gold striped cocktail napkins. Who says napkins can’t be part of your party decorations, right? Well, we beg to differ because these napkins are exactly what you need to accentuate your party table and impress your guests. Stylish and elegant, these cocktail napkins measure 5” x 5”. Made from high-quality materials with 3-ply absorbency. 

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Pulling off a successful and eventful party doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Try picking out a few nice pieces to add to your party decorations to enhance the look. Sometimes it’s not all about the grandiose decorations, but the little things people use throughout your party that they’ll remember. We suggest starting out with a few basic items like: cocktail napkins, colored cups, and utensils. They are simple yet memorable with upgraded designs. 

It’s quite rewarding to see your loved ones, friends, and guests enjoy themselves and party like there's no tomorrow because of what you’ve set-up. Enjoy the process and remember to have fun. No matter what you set-up, just remember that what makes a great party is good people spending time with each other.

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