The Big Announcement! Fun and Creative Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Aside from the exact moment of giving birth, finding out whether you are expecting a little boy or girl is also one of the most exciting parts of being pregnant. And these days, parents aren’t just casually giving the answer; they reveal it in creative, fun, and memorable ways. There are no rules to gender reveals. You can play around with various ways to announce the news, as well as combine it with your baby shower party. If you’re not fond of big parties, you can still share the big news with friends and family in a fun, creative way. 

In recent years, gender reveals have become more popular than ever, but you may still be wondering where to start. So here are some of the fun and creative gender reveal party ideas you can try.

1. Gender Reveal Cakes

Exciting occasions such as a gender reveal party always calls for a delicious cake. And what better way than to use it to announce your big surprise. Depending on the baby’s gender, you can use pink colored candies if it's a girl and blue ones if it's a boy.

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2. Balloon Box Reveal

One of the most known ways for a gender reveal is using a balloon box. Pink or blue balloons will be hidden inside the box until the reveal is done. To take it to a new level of surprise, you can join your guests in anticipation of knowing what your baby’s gender will be. Make a special request from your ultrasound tech to give the results to a trusted friend or family member instead. They can then arrange which balloon color will go into the surprise box.

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3. Confetti Poppers

Since a party without it isn’t a party after all, with these poppers, your baby’s gender will be revealed when the confetti shoots up 15 feet in the air as a fitting way to celebrate the awesome surprise.

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4. Scratch Off Cards

An exciting way of making the big announcement is by using scratch-off lottery tickets to your gender reveal. It's a unique way to reveal to your guests what the gender your little bun in the oven will be, but either way, with such fantastic news, everybody wins!

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5. Piñata Reveal

You can buy or create a piñata and fill it up with blue or pink ribbons and glitter. You can ask your guests to take turns trying to break it to announce the big surprise for the reveal moment. 


6. Colored Smoke Bombs

For a dramatic gender reveal, you can try using colored smoke bombs. Ask your guests to gather around you in an open outdoor space and then ask someone to let loose a smoke bomb in pink or blue. This popular gender reveal idea has proven a winner and a definite picture-perfect moment. 

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7. Gender Reveal Fireworks

If you are one to go over-the-top for your gender reveal party, then using fireworks is the way to go. It certainly adds dramatic flair, but if you’re opting to go this route, use extreme caution and ask the help of professionals. You would not want the whole event to end up in flames.

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8. Old Wives’ Tales

There are lots of resources for old wives' tales online that claim to predict your baby's gender. Ask your guests to try and take a guess if you will be having a boy or a girl based on the traditional old wives’ tales commonly associated with pregnancy. 


9. Pop The Balloon

Use an opaque black balloon and fill it with pink or blue confetti depending on your baby’s gender. At the moment of the announcement, you need to pop the balloon, and the flying confetti will tell everyone the highly anticipated revelation.


10. Gender Reveal Fortune Cookies

Having a baby is indeed fortunate. You can opt for having fortune cookies with pink or blue confetti and a note tucked inside reading "It's a Boy!" or "It's a Girl!"

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Gender reveal parties are definitely fun to plan, and you can make yours as relaxed or as elaborate as you'd like it to be. Nevertheless, the most important thing to consider for your gender reveal party is to make sure that you will celebrate this happy day at its fullness with your family and friends. If you like these ideas and are looking out for more, you can check out some of our products, or you can join our Facebook group and follow our Pinterest board

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