Intimate Backyard Weddings: Everything you need to know before saying “I do”

Depending on how you would want it, weddings can be grand or it can be simple. Since we are at present forced to have a new normal way of living, intimate weddings are becoming a trend. It is one of the perfect solutions in response to the safety protocols being implemented nowadays especially to adhere to physical distancing.

For couples wanting to push through with their wedding amidst a global pandemic, having an intimate backyard wedding is the way to go. However, what does it take to pull off a memorable intimate backyard wedding? Here are some of the vital things you need to keep in mind.

Planning An Intimate Backyard Wedding

Like any kind of event, having a plan is always a necessity. This will give you focus on the tasks that need to be done and allows you to identify gaps all throughout the process. Intimate backyard weddings may be deemed simple, but nevertheless, it should be prepared carefully.

  • Create Your Wedding Checklist - The most important thing that you need to prepare as part of your planning is creating your wedding checklist. This will give you a visual assessment of what needs to be done. It is also a great help to keep a smooth flow in your planning process.
  • Check Your Budget - Another vital part of planning an intimate backyard wedding is your budget. The amount of money you have set aside for your wedding greatly affects everything that you are planning. In addition to that, monitoring your budget regularly will allow you to explore and play around on how you can spend it. For example, having an intimate wedding means fewer people involved. Since you have lesser people to feed, you can choose to splurge on other things such as decors or maybe for entertainment.
  • DIY vs Having A Wedding Planner - One more critical factor you need to decide on is hiring a wedding planner, doing everything by yourself or deciding to work through the details as a couple. Going DIY will give you control over everything for your wedding. However, if you are someone who is not really into planning events, this can be a challenge. On the other hand, hiring a wedding planner can take the burden off your shoulders and allow you to focus your energy on other significant things. 
  • Create Your Guestlist - The reason why intimate backyard weddings are popular at present is because of the fact that it only requires a limited number of guests. This is a perfect set up especially considering the fact that we are under a new normal way of life. Additionally, the size of your backyard will also be a big factor in the number of guests.
  • Prepare Your Backyard - Since the venue of your wedding is your own backyard, it is vital that you need to prepare it for your big day. You need to understand that prepping your backyard will also demand some hard work. Your backyard will serve as the backdrop to your wedding so it needs to be prepped to perfection.

  • Seating Arrangements - Given that you will have limited space and also fewer guests, you need to be creative in arranging your tables and chairs. As a safety precaution, always remember to consider proper distancing even with your seating arrangement.
  • Food and Drinks - The next thing that your plan should cover is food and drinks. For intimate backyard weddings, you also have the freedom to explore several options. You can opt to have homemade food served or have it catered. One fun option you can consider is to have a pot luck with your guests to cover for your food and drinks. 
  • Entertainment and Other Essentials - It may be a simple wedding but it doesn’t have to be a dull one. A celebration such as weddings will not be complete without entertainment as well as other essentials like decorations. Make sure that you include the little things that can make a big impact at your wedding. Check out some of our products or join our Facebook group for inspiration.

The Pros and Cons of An Intimate Backyard Wedding

Intimate backyard weddings may be the trend nowadays, but there is actually more to it than just being simple and intimate. If you and your would-be-spouse is thinking of having one, then you should know the pros and cons before making the final decision.


  • You Can Save Some Cash - Wedding venues, in reality, can use up most of your budget. On the other hand, choosing your backyard as your wedding venue allows you to save some cash so you can spend it on other essential things. Furthermore, since you will be looking into having fewer guests, that can also mean lesser expenses. 
  • Bring Family Members Closer - Intimate weddings that take place in your own home can also bring family members and friends closer. This can be a great opportunity to have everyone pitch in and help with planning your big day. It makes the whole event more memorable for you, your would-be-spouse, and your loved ones too.
  • Familiarity - Since the venue is in your home, you are more familiar with space. This can be an advantage you can use to play around especially on how you will set up and decorate the space. 


  • Permits - Intimate weddings may seem simple but it also requires a lot of work. Acquiring permits is one factor. Since the venue is a residential space, city permits, parking permits, and others are usually needed. Additionally, inspections from the fire department and electricians also need to be done. There are also areas that have local noise ordinances that you need to take note of.
  • Backyard Maintenance - Your backyard will be the backdrop of your wedding. It has to be decorated and set up for your big event. It is for this reason that you need to prepare your backyard months prior to the event. Backyard maintenance may take a long time in order to achieve a perfectly manicured lawn and can be a taxing job. 
  • Guest Crashing at Your Home - Since the venue is your home, your guests might think it will be ok to sleep over or stay for the night. This can easily be a recipe for disaster. You can prevent this by recommending rentals near the venue. 

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