Creative Ways to Hold a Virtual Party

The celebrations that are held at present have changed drastically due to the social and physical distancing requirement to keep everyone safe. It is for this reason that many have explored other ways on how to hold parties in order to avoid cancellations of birthdays, anniversaries, and other important milestones from happening. 

Although there are several video conferencing and social media platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, and others offer a virtual space for people to gather and see each other face-to-face, the next challenge is to know what to do once you’re there. There are several companies that offer more than just a virtual space for parties.


With the restrictions in place as a safety protocol, people are mandated to stay at home. Many businesses were greatly affected and were forced to close down some of their outlets. SkyZone is one of them. They mainly operate as an indoor trampoline park where kiddie parties are usually held. 

Since the onset of the pandemic, most of their outlets have been closed temporarily until further notice. However, at present, they have decided to shift their operation and do it virtually. As a way for kids to have the opportunity to celebrate despite the lockdowns, they are now offering virtual birthday parties

This allows parents to create a hassle-free event with the help of a SkyZone representative to schedule, create invites, and also host the party. 


Roblox, on the other hand, is a gaming platform that offers a virtual party space. It has been a popular online hangout for kids even before the covid19 pandemic crisis. Currently, it has shown more potential especially for allowing users to socialize and have fun online with their friends and family.

Recently, with the goal of giving users the chance to interact with one another, they have launched the “Play Together” game sort. In this way, users can create a private space and hold a virtual party. 


For the younger age group, Caribu may be the best option you can take advantage of. This is a family-friendly app that is used for video conferencing. In addition to that, it can be set up as a virtual party space for kids where they can have creative and fun activities like puzzles, word games, painting, and drawing. 


For young adults and teens, HouseParty is the way to go. It is another video conferencing app that is available on mobile and desktop. However, what makes it different from any other social media platform is its capability of creating a whole new virtual space perfect for online gatherings and parties.

As your virtual party progresses, friends and family members can gather together and play online games like Heads up, Quick Draw, Trivia, and Chips and Guac which comes free upon downloading the app.

Additional Tips On Making Your Virtual Parties Fun and Exciting

If in case you will be using regular video chat platforms that don’t carry built-in options like online games, or virtual party spaces, you can still have lots of fun by coming up with new and creatives ways to make your virtual parties a blast. Here are some tips you should try.

Send your E-vites - Like any other events, sending out invites, in this case, E-vites is the first thing you need to do. You can easily send a simple email or a message to your guests informing them of the details regarding your virtual party. 
Pick a theme for your party - A cool and fun theme for your party will add to the excitement. Be sure to make it something easy so your guests can go with it. 
Don’t forget to decorate - Even if it is a virtual party, it doesn't mean that you can’t decorate. In fact, you can go and decorate to your heart’s content. Seeing a festive and lively background during a virtual party can set the mood. 
Prepare virtual activities and games - Contrary to what others may believe, there are many fun and exciting activities that you can do together with your guests while on a virtual party. To give you an idea, here are some of them:
  • Online movie party using Netflix Party
  • Play online Charades 
  • Puzzles, mystery games, word games, and more through Jackbox Games
  • Have a dance party together
  • Karaoke night for singing enthusiasts
  • Have a talent show portion
  • Play virtual Bingo
Prepare food and drinks for your guests - Food and drinks are essentials to a party even if they are done virtually. To make your guests extra special, you can prepare food and drinks for them. You can order food and drinks and have them delivered to your guests as a surprise.
Hire entertainment - To add more excitement to your party, you can also opt to hire entertainment. For your kid’s birthday party, you can hire a magician or a puppeteer that can perform online to entertain the kids. For other events, a live performance online by a singer or a band will do the trick.
Create your party playlist - Your party will turn dull without some music to liven it up. There are several music apps that you can choose from such as Spotify, Grooveshark, and Incredibox which allows you to create your own party mixes too.
Coordinate a creative group photo - Lastly, a party will not be complete without the pictures as a perfect reminder. A fun way is to coordinate a creative group photo with your guests while online. Try crazy and silly poses with your friends or you can form an image or a pattern together to make it more fun and challenging.


There are plenty of ways that you can celebrate and enjoy an event with your family members and friends. Restrictions and keeping a safe physical distance may be a challenge but it is never a reason to cancel a special day. With innovations in technology, you can have the interaction you need while injecting fun, excitement, and creativity into it. Staying social amidst a time of isolation is important to everyone’s well being too.

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