Creative Ways To Celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries During Covid19

These past few months have been a literal roller coaster ride for all of us. Many have experienced a tragic loss, most are still coping with being forced to stay at home, and some have accepted the “new normal” way of life. One major part of our lives that are profoundly affected is how we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones in our lives.

However, I personally like the fact that most of us are able to adapt and adjust to any kind of situation and this pandemic doesn’t make it any different.

Creative Ways To Celebrate During COVID19

Being intelligent creatures that we are, many of us have come up with creative ways to celebrate during COVID19. Here are some of the ways you can use for your own celebration.

Go Virtual

With safety protocols in place and physical distancing highly encouraged, going virtual is one of the most preferred options you can consider to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary. This allows you to reach out and get connected with loved ones and friends without the fear of being exposed to the virus.

A number of digital platforms offer free services for you to throw a virtual party. These include Facetime, Skype, Google Hangouts or Meets, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Facebook Live to name a few. To add to the fun, you can ask your guests to dress up, and you can also think of some fun activities to do online. Check out our post on how to plan the perfect get-together.

For those who are into video games, you can, in addition, use this to throw a virtual video game party. Fortnite and Minecraft are just two of a few video games which allow users to book, host, and have a party online. If in case this is something new to you, you might need to consult an avid online gamer for instructions on how it is done.

Stay-at-Home Celebration

For people who are not that tech-savvy or not so much into the social media world, the best and safest option is to enjoy a stay-at-home celebration. Making an event extra special can sometimes mean having a simple home-cooked meal with your loved ones. This allows you to bond more with your family members.

If you are celebrating your kid’s birthday, you can cook their favorite dish. You can also go camping in the backyard with them. On the other hand, if you are celebrating your anniversary, a special dinner for two, a romantic movie or a relaxing massage can do the trick. Dress up, have candlelights, and get fancy napkins and cups to get the ambiance right.

Get Your Neighbors Involved (while maintaining a safe distance)

If in case you find it too bare to celebrate amongst your small family, you can always get your neighbors or community involved. However, you always need to consider yours and everybody else safety at all times. One option is to request your neighbors and friends to record a special birthday or anniversary greeting and watch it during your celebration.

Aside from the video greeting, you can also go old-school by creating handwritten greeting cards. Another option is to request your neighbors to go for a quick drive-by greeting. Seeing your friends and community coming together to celebrate an occasion that is dear to you makes it special.

The Importance of Celebrating Special Occasions Amidst a Pandemic

While it is true that this pandemic has caused us so much frustration, sadness, fear, and anxiousness and it is not easy to just move forward from all the chaos. However, many people and most experts agree that celebrating life events or milestones are all the more important during these trying times. Here are a few reasons why it is important to still celebrate amidst a pandemic.

It makes us feel less lonely - It is no surprise that this pandemic and our time under quarantine has significantly affected our state of mind. Many of us may have noticed it but some may even experience an extreme sense of loneliness during these times. This is why celebrating life events are important. Having the opportunity to be with loved ones, even in the virtual world or just for a quick drive-by lessens the feeling of loneliness.

It allows us to break away from the current challenge we are experiencing - Another reason why we must push through with a celebration whenever we get the change to do it is that it also offers us the chance to break away from the monotonous routine we have during the quarantine period. In addition, it gives us the chance to focus on better things other than this pandemic. It enables us to shift our focus to being grateful and to celebrate life instead of being caged in fear.

It provides us something worthwhile to remember in the future - Lastly and most importantly, celebrating creates a wonderful memory that we can look back to. Instead of remembering these times as your worst birthday or anniversary because of the pandemic, let it be remembered as the time when you were nevertheless able to celebrate amidst the circumstances.

Tips on How To Stay Safe During A Celebration

As one would expect, the safety of everyone is of the utmost importance. This applies to any gatherings, especially during the COVID19 season. It is more beneficial to keep these tips in mind and in place for your celebration.

  1. Consistently keep your home clean and disinfected. Nothing beats maintaining a clean home at all times. It will not only help protect you from COVID19, but it can also prevent any other viruses and bacteria from thriving inside your home.
  2. Make it a habit to wash your hands as often as you can. Remember that any surface that your hands come in contact with may be contaminated. It is better to safeguard yourself by washing your hands with soap and water regularly.
  3. Physical distancing is, until now a must. Yes, it is a joyous occasion and all want to receive a warm hug, a gentle kiss, or just a sincere handshake. However, for the present, it is better to be safe and maybe forego any physical contact and maintain a safe distance from one another.
  4. Lastly, always keep in mind that all the safety tips you are undergoing is for the safety of yourself and your loved one. 

Were you able to get fun and creative ideas on how your next celebration will be? Let us know how you were able to pull it off by leaving a comment below.

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