Celebrations in the New Normal: How to Party Responsibly

Just like in Hunger Games, our daily lives have become a survival game. Imagining yourself as Katniss or Peeta doesn’t help at all. The movie was great, but the fact that we can somehow relate, no matter how minuscule the resemblance may be, is not fun and enjoyable at the least. 

It is not a joke that our situation at present prevents us from living the life that we are used to. Staying at home, maintaining a safe distance from each other, observing proper hygiene, staying healthy, and being always on the lookout for potential health threats seem to have become a daily part of our lives. The mental strain the situation calls for has raised our daily routine on a totally different level. 

With the on-going battle against an invisible enemy that has claimed so many lives, no one can be blamed by taking extreme precautions just to keep everyone safe. This resulted in so many gatherings canceled while some being tailored to adhere to the safety protocols imposed on us for our personal safety.

Life After Lockdown: The New Normal

We can’t dismiss the fact that there is still a long way to go until we find a definite solution or cure to COVID-19. 

In some places, lockdowns are still implemented. This means people are still prohibited to go outside unless to acquire daily necessities and for emergency purposes. In some countries, they are starting to reopen establishments and ease out on lockdown restriction. This is still far from the life that we once knew.

The “New Normal” would mean fewer people should be allowed in a gathering. In addition, safe physical distancing should consistently be observed. Facial masks will currently be a vital part of our wardrobe and frequent disinfection should be mindfully included in everything you do and everywhere you go.

Despite how sad and boring this sounds, there is nothing stopping us from taking a leap into the “new normal” way of life. Would you seriously just sit in a corner until a vaccine against Covid-19 becomes available? There’s no telling how long that would take! We are social beings and when we are told not to do something, we find a way to work around the problem. We won’t be stopped from reaching out to friends and family. And creative, solution-driven people always find a way. 

Celebrations in the “New Normal”

If we want to have the people in our lives stay within our circle and live long, making sure they are safe is our top priority. It is each person’s responsibility to look out for ourselves and for others too. Living in a new normal, especially participating or hosting gatherings where people could meet and the party would take a committed and creative mind to be successful. Of course, it won’t be as easy as it sounds! But it is doable, it could be fun, entertaining and a break we all deserve. 

Before you get all too excited and start listing down the things you need to do, don’t forget that all of us are in the phase of adjustment and acceptance. Would it be fun to hop on a happy hour? Well, of course! Would everyone be open to the idea? Not necessarily. Give each person their space and allow them to make their decisions on their own. Do not pressure them into joining if they are not comfortable. To each his own. 

Planning an event is not easy. It becomes more challenging when you have a bunch of precautions to adhere to, to keep everyone safe. First and foremost, determine what type of party you’d be hosting. Will you be inviting people over? If you are, assess the risk of having an in-person gathering. Remember, you are not only putting yourself at risk but also all the guests, family, and friends who will be there. Is it worth it? 

If you think it is, take it slow and keep it small. There’s no need to rush things. Many events were canceled worldwide and for a good enough reason. Consider the distance your guests would need to travel, their current situation - whether they are in quarantine or not, their age or whether they have someone within their family who are at high risk and how you can maintain physical distancing during the event. Only host events such as this when absolutely needed. There are other ways to celebrate and establish a connection without having to be physically present. 

A virtual party nowadays is quite common. Platforms such as Skype and Zoom are the pandemic’s social network. Online events such as this can still be fun and entertaining most especially when a host is available, a party theme has been decided on and people actually dress up and participate in the activities. Be specific in what the party is for, what drinks you’d be drinking, manage the conversations well, have an agenda in hand, and make your background and props blend in the ambiance. Conversations could be difficult since overlaps could happen, but as long as everyone’s having fun while being themselves, what could go wrong?

The pandemic has brought enough problems as it is and hosting events like this is but our way of getting back to the ways we are used to. Our way of fighting back against the mental strain, the loneliness, and difficulties, being in quarantine could bring. Humanity in our most basic and truest form. So don’t deny the experience. Get on board and find out what this type of event can bring you. Meet new people. Enjoy long conversations. Talk passionately about topics you are interested in. Do the things you’ve always wanted to do and do it with the people who care about you. 

Being at parties is not just about the drinks, it’s about how each event brings everyone together and how we find people who bring out the best in you and inspire you to do better. Explore. Evolve. Be safe.

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