Can’t Help But Fall In Love: Fall Wedding Inspirations To Capture Your Heart

There is no arguing that fall brings in the most beautiful color palettes to play with, especially when planning for a wedding. Additionally, it also brings favorable temperatures that most people enjoy. This is the reason why fall has become a long-standing favorite season for weddings. Many motifs of autumn allow for endless creativity that you can use when organizing a wedding. There are countless ways to plan the perfect fall nuptials from the classic rustic themes to modern color trends.

10 Captivating Wedding Inspirations For Fall

From the visuals, food, drinks, and many more, the fall season has inspired tons of wedding ideas that you can recreate independently.   

Seasonal Welcome Sign

Adding that cozy and homey vibe to your wedding ceremony is a seasonal welcome sign. This is just one of many wedding decorations you can do on your own. You can opt to use and refurbish wooden crates for a more rustic feel and top it off with flowers.

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Fall Ceremonial Arch

The usual wedding arches would include flowers in full bloom. However, consider using the changing foliage and dried flowers as decors for your ceremonial arch for a fall wedding. This will help complete the autumn vibe all throughout the wedding ceremony. 

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Warm Welcome Drinks

Set a warm and welcoming tone for your fall wedding with a welcome table with coffee, hot chocolates, etc. In addition to that, oranges, lemons, and grapefruit at the bar also play into an autumnal palette. Finally, cozy blankets and wraps are a perfect way to keep your guests warm.

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Fall Wedding PhotoShoot

It is a sin not to incorporate the stunning fall foliage into your wedding photoshoot. Head on outside and turn the colors of fall as your perfect backdrop. The changing colors of the leaves in the trees make for a great color palette for your wedding day portraits.

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Rustic Table Setting

The colors of fall can easily be incorporated into your table setting as well. Plain white table cloths partnered with rosegold accented napkins can help bring a rustic and elegant feel at the same time. Also, a large foliage installation that hangs above the head table brings in that natural, organic fall look.

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Outdoor Wedding Venue

An outdoor wedding set up is the best way to take advantage of nature's beauty that can be a magnificent backdrop for your ceremony. Foliage-covered arches, wooden crates, and barrels add to the rustic and autumn vibe.

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Fall-themed Centerpieces

Get hold of your favorite fall flowers and partner them with dried leaves to add interesting texture to your centerpiece. Another option is to bring in fresh in-season harvest like berries, persimmons, and squash, which will also be a perfect centerpiece decoration. Whether it's pumpkins, apples, or pinecones, you can include nature's beauty into your wedding centerpieces.

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Seasonal Wedding Bouquet

Chrysanthemums, anemones, and asters are the usual fall flowers that can make up your bouquet. To give your floral spread an instant boost, you may also add leaves, berries, and grasses. 

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In-season Wedding Motif

As mentioned, one of the signatures of the fall season is its wonderful color palette. To complete your fall wedding vibe, you can opt to incorporate fall colors into your wedding motif. Try to play with jewel tones or opt for deeper hues and neutrals. 

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Floral Wedding Cake

And let’s not forget the wedding cake! To create the perfect cake for your fall wedding, consider sticking to a white base and decorate your cake for a floral sash made of fall flowers. This will accentuate the colors of fall and the beauty of in-season blooms. 

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It is undeniable that fall weddings are a favorite because there's something about the crisp air and changing leaves that is just so romantic! Despite the restrictions of living under the new normal, incorporating these fall wedding inspirations isn’t so hard. In fact, you can check out some of our products, join our Facebook group or follow our Pinterest board for more wedding and party ideas. Finally, any occasion can be memorable with simple touches that can magnify the overall theme. Incorporating these ideas can go a long way, so you and your loved ones can create memories to last a lifetime.


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