Bachelorette Party Favors: Classy Mementos Your Guests Will Love

Before walking down the aisle and saying “I do”, spending one night out with your favorite girls is what every bride-to-be looks forward to. Your bachelorette party will most likely be one of the most unforgettable nights you will have. To make this night even more memorable, Normally, all the party planning focus is on the main event, but giving a special and thoughtful gift to your guests is the perfect way to thank you for coming. Every bash always provides a great bachelorette party favors for guests. However, this doesn’t mean they have to be luxurious party favors. Just remember that it is always the thought that counts. 

Top 10 Bachelorette Party Favors

There are tons of ideas out there to choose from which can be overwhelming. That’s why I’ve put together some ideas for party favors that are thoughtful and unique.

Custom Make Up Bag

To make sure that all your girlfriends will have somewhere to store all their beauty essentials, nothing can be more fitting than gifting the whole crew with their very own makeup bag. In addition to that, personalizing it with each of your crew's names will definitely add more charm.

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Monogrammed Tumblers

Who doesn’t like tumblers, especially when they’re personalized! These elegantly monogrammed tumblers are classy and come with a lid, and reusable straw. Your cocktails will stay cold throughout the entire bachelorette party! And yes, you can definitely use it even after the party.


Hangover Kits

Now, here is a party favor that almost everybody needs, especially after a fun and crazy bachelorette party. I’m sure no one wants to nurse a headache the morning after a memorable bash. This is where the hangover kits as a party favor come in very handy. 


Custom Tank Tops

One of the most popular party favors for bachelorette parties are custom tank tops! These are the kind of tanks you and your girlfriends can actually wear again! Fun, fresh, simple, but indeed very useful and creative.

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Classy Sunnies

Who doesn’t love a custom pair of party shades? For bachelorette parties during the summer season, what more fitting party favor than a pair of classy sunnies. You and your crew can have some fun under the sun while keeping it classy and stylish. 


Personalized Champagne Flutes

Plastic shatterproof flutes are best for wine-themed bachelorette parties. As an added bonus, these bachelorette party favors can be personalized with your guests' names. Your crew can easily keep track of their own flutes while at the party, then take them home as a thoughtful keepsake once the party is over.

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Trinket Dish

Another simple but very creative and useful keepsake for a bachelorette party is a trinket dish. A useful token that your guests will surely appreciate.

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One way of promoting an eco-friendly bachelorette party is having succulents as your party favor. An interesting option indeed and a very creative one too! Your guests can easily take them home and display it in their home or office after the party. Your crew will have fun trying to grow these beautiful succulents as a remembrance of your growing friendship. 

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Hair Accessories 

Who says hair accessories are overrated? In fact, these are one of the most creative party favors you can give away at a bachelorette party. From glittered hair ties, silky scrunchies to fancy looking hair clips, your girlfriend will definitely have fun styling their hair with it.

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Personalized Compact Mirrors

When you have your own personalized compact mirror, there is no need to run to the bathroom over smudged lipstick or smeared mascara anymore! With these classy and adorable compact mirrors, you and your whole crew will be looking picture-perfect all night. Making it a more meaningful gift is that you can personalize it by putting your girlfriends’ names for each item.

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Planning for the ultimate bachelorette party takes more than just the fun games, awesome food and drinks, creative themes, complete decorations ranging from rose gold napkins to gold-rimmed glasses, and many more. 


For you and your crew to have lasting memories,  a carefully thought out party favor is the way to go. A simple but meaningful memento as a way of showing appreciation to your guests goes a long way. 

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