All About Boho: Bohemian Party Theme Ideas To Bring Out The Wildchild In You

One of the party themes that became popular, especially nowadays, is the boho theme. With the current set up under the new normal, intimate gatherings are a way to keep everyone safe, and sometimes the best nights out are the nights we stay inside. You can easily pull off the ideal boho themed party in a lovely outdoor space with a gorgeous sitting area for guests to lounge. Start with that and marry it with a few more eclectic ideas, and you will surely have a free-spirited party to remember.

Top Boho Theme Party Ideas

Creating the perfect boho themed party does not have to be that complicated. Here are the top boho theme party ideas you can recreate on your own. 

Boho Photo Backdrop

Using crocheted blankets or shawls is the best way to recreate this backdrop. You can incorporate flowers and lights for a gorgeous, natural vibe.

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Tepee Arch

Simple materials like wooden branches, lace ribbons, and flowers can quickly turn your basic tepee into a party you desire. To create this, you can find the flowers and ribbons at your local craft store.


Dreamcatcher Decors

No bohemian themed party is complete without dreamcatchers. You have an option to make your dreamcatchers a part of the whole set up. On the other hand, you can also have guests make their own as a fun party activity.

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Outdoor Table Setting

It doesn’t get more boho than an outdoor table setting. Complete the look with a wood table, tons of flowers, and pillows for seating. The cushions keep things casual while the candles and florals fancy it up a little. You can also place a large area rug or layer several smaller rugs on the grass or patio for an additional lounge area.

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Flower Crowns

If you’re throwing a boho-themed party, flower crowns are another must-have. Plus, this can also be another creative and fun activity for your guests. Set up a DIY flower crown station to take the party vibe up a notch.

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Bohemian Naked Cake

Getting back to basics and enjoying the simple tastes is the way to go when planning your refreshments. The centerpiece of which is a naked cake. Ditch all the frosting and let the cake shine! Top it with fresh fruit or flowers, and you’re all set!

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Floral and Succulents Centerpieces

What’s more boho than feathers, succulents, and flowers? Combining these elements can create the perfect centerpiece that exudes rustic and natural beauty.

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Boho Accessories 

Metallic flash tattoos of silver and gold are just one of the many accessories you and your guests can play with. Bohemian style body jewelry may also include charm bracelets and a selection of charms, tassels, and unique looking stones.

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Eclectic Place Settings

An eclectic tablescape with layered fabrics and macramé runners will help achieve the boho vibe you want. Add a mix of patterned plates, place them atop wooden chargers, and complete the look with gold-rimmed glasses. You can mix and match your dishware and glasses to create the perfect eclectic element on your table.

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Bohemian Inspired Food and Drinks

Fresh fruits and natural treats are always a perfect choice for Bohemian food. Serve them in tiny mason jars and top it off with sweet berries and cream. When it comes to drinks, the Naturally-sweet beverages should be on the refreshment list. You can also whip up unique cocktails for your guests to try.

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Combining vintage, hippie, and ethnic-inspired items with earthy tones and elements of nature will effortlessly allow you to create the perfect boho themed party. This style celebrates free-spiritedness and conjures up a nice old-world feeling, with a focus on natural beauty. This is why it is one of the themes that you can set up in your backyard. One of the great things about a boho themed party is you can make the style your own by putting your spin on things. We also adore boho style parties, and we love to help you create dreamy settings for any kind of celebration. For more ideas and party style inspirations, check out our products, or join our Facebook group.

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